Welcoming Cruise Ships to Killybegs

Killybegs is an ideal deep water harbour that can accommodate cruise ships of all sizes from all over the world. Our team at Killybegs Information Centre are on hand when cruise ships arrive and welcome passengers and crew to our beautiful harbour town in County Donegal. With a range of outdoor activities, attractions and entertainment available locally, Killybegs is the perfect stop over destination for cruise ships.

Killybegs information Center offers a selection of local tours for both passengers and crew that will take you on a unique journey along our breathtaking coastline, enjoy an Irish coffee and some traditional music sessions in our local pubs or simply take time to stroll around the harbour to take in the sights and sounds of Killybegs. Killybegs has something for everyone and with the warmest of welcomes, our cruise visitors will take home many lasting memories of their time in Donegal. Please note, passenger numbers for cruise ships are gives as the maximum capacity and may vary at time of arrival.

Click here to view the Brochure: Killybegs – A Cruise Destination of Excellence

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